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In The News

Ergo Chef's 5 Pocket Knife Bag makes it into Wiki's 2018 Best Knife Rolls

Ergo Chef Compact 5 Pocket knife bag has achieved a rank of #7 in our Wiki of 2018's best knife rolls. Even up against larger bags, our 5 pocket holds your most used knives for the seasoned Chef, home cook or BBQ weekend warrior. Compiled with forty hours of research, this newly published Wiki in our kitchen category is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of knife roll options available to consumers in the United States.
Watch Video Review at Wiki: https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-knife-rolls

Magazines Announcing Michael Symon Cutlery

Fancy Food News Bytes: Fancy Food Magazine Ergo Chef & Michael Symon
HomeWorld Business – Michael Symon Cutlery: http://www.homeworldbusiness.com/Housewares/Ergo-Chef-Partners-With-Chef-Michael-Symon-On-New-Cutlery-Line/26481
Gourmet Insider – Michael Symon Cutlery: http://www.gourmetinsider.com/Housewares/Ergo-Chef-Partners-With-Chef-Michael-Symon-On-New-Cutlery-Line/26481
Cleveland – Michael Symon Knives: Cleveland.com Symon knives

DUO Tongs

New York Times Feature DUO Tongs - http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/01/dining/a-burrito-filled-to-the-brim-downtown.html?_r=1

Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/article/ergo-chef-puts-the-easy-into-cooking-with-ergonomic-utensils

News Press Now – DUO Tongs : Pick Up Food & Protect Pans

Austin Fit Feature DUO Tongs: Austin Fit Meal Prep with DUO Tongs
      Austin Fit DUO Tongs on Instagram

WBT Charlotte’s News Talk Radio Clip: http://www.wbt.com/keith-larson/2015/03/04/mike-staib-talks-about-tongs

KMAS Newsradio: Featured Duo Tongs durability & great design for all cooking.

Steamy Kitchen – DUO Tongs Feature and Giveaway: http://steamykitchen.com/40037-giveaway-ergochef-3-piece-duo-tongs-set.html

The Dennis & Judi Show – Duo Tongs: On Air in March

Much Ado About Fooding: http://www.muchadoaboutfooding.com/2015/04/test-kitchen-edamame-crusted-ahi-tuna.html

Indy Style TV segment, IN.- DUO Tongs: http://wishtv.com/2015/03/31/we-try-it-ergo-chef-tongs/

Inside Toronto Feature DUO Tongs: http://www.insidetoronto.com/blogs/post/5531569-read-about-passover-and-easter-wine-pairings-get-tips-from-t-fal-for-active-kids-and-read-about-new/


Examiner - Crimson Knives: http://www.examiner.com/article/the-knives-you-need-now-from-ergo-chef
It Takes 2 with Jack & Amy: Cooking Segment

A Few Past Knife Articles

Carlsbad Patch:

Chef’s Catalog Customer Reviews:

Mom Foodie at Blommi.com Review & 1 year follow up:

Home Cook - 8” Pro-Series Chef knife:
Keep in mind we have a smaller 6” Chef & 7” Santoku that are less intimidating:

Blog Passionate About Baking – 7” Santoku & 3.5” Paring knife use & review:

Girl Gone Mom Blog:

Customer Praise

I used the Knuckle Sandwich Chef’s and Santoku knives in a professional kitchen for almost three months. They are highly durable, heavy and well-balanced knives with good edge retention.

Mike Stines, Ph. B
Author of Mastering Barbecue (Ten Speed Press, 2005)
Senior Editor, Fiery Foods
Founder, Cape Cod Barbecue

I reach for my 8” Ergo Chef knife before any other knife in my assortment of family heirloom knives. As a sufferer of both carpel tunnel syndrome and arthritis, the Ergo Chef knife allows me to prepare foods without the aftermath of pain. I prefer to use a few excellent multi-functional kitchen tools that will serve for a lifetime. I believe Ergo Chef is one of these products.

Joann Olster Gorman
Home Food Enthusiast
Brookfield, CT

The overall contour of the 8″ chef knife is unique, with the handle and blade being very comfortable and familiar. The weight and look of the knife is very attractive. After using the knife and getting familiar with it, it took less hand movement for the blade to cut. The slope of the knife was comfortable to hold. I was very excited to use the Ergo Chef knife and it did not disappoint me. I let my entire kitchen staff try the knife and everyone thought it worked and felt great.

CIA Graduate
Carey Favreau,
Executive Chef of GlenArbor Golf Club

The 8″ Ergo Chef Knife is by far one of the best knives I have used. In my opinion they have a precision cutting edge that is equal to the Henkel’s and Wusthof’s of the world, with an added feature. An Ergonomic handle which adds comfort that allows you to cut, chop, and dice with ease and comfort for hours. I would highly recommend this precision knife to anybody in the foodservice business and for the frugal gourmet at home.

Johnson & Wales Graduate
Matthew Grandchamp,
Associate Director of Dining Services for Chartwells of The Compass Group

Chef Scott Staib and Mr. Len Staib have manufactured an incredible product. It is sometimes difficult as professionals to change tools that are different than what we are used to, especially when we have developed an emotional comfort level with the tools that we currently use. It is not surprising that the students in my culinary arts class quickly adapted to the knife. Now they beg to use the Ergo Chef chef knife, which was left for the class to use after Chef Scott Staib and Mr. Len Staib gave an inspiring demonstration to my students. The response of my students helped to “open my mind” to give the knife a try. I am glad that I did, it is so comfortable, precise and balanced. I cannot wait until the full production line is available. I will be the first to buy the set. Chef Scott Staib and Mr. Len Staib are also great teachers. They treated my students with dignity and professionalism, exposed them to another facet of the food service industry and inspired my students to think outside of the box.

Johnson & Wales Graduate,
Brian Ferland

Hello, I Just wanted to drop you some feedback regarding the Ergo Chef knife. This is really a precision instrument! With cooking just being a hobby, I was a little skeptical with using a chef’s knife for all of my kitchen needs. From the first time I used it, I was amazed! I was never able to get a thin slice on veggies and dicing always took too long, but this knife really made everything easy. It is perfectly weighted, and has the feel of a smaller knife. I found it much easier to use than a pairing knife or utility knife. The design of this knife is impeccable and the construction is bulletproof! This knife is a real winner. It really deserves to be in every kitchen! I wish you lots of luck and I hope word spreads of how fantastic this knife really is. Thanks for coming up with such a great design and such tasteful craftsmanship. Good luck with Ergo Chef!

Tom Olejniczak

“Since we got the Ergo Chef knife, it is the only knife we use. It’s unique design makes it versatile for any job, from dicing tomatoes to cutting up pineapples.”

Dan Showalter

“I recently had the opportunity to spend a day with the Ergo Chef 8″ chef knife and fell in love all over again! I am a second year student at the Culinary Institute of America and for the past year, have used nothing but Wusthof knives. The Ergo Chef knife fit perfectly in my hand like it was custom made for me. As far as I’m concerned, it has the perfect tip, blade, weight and balance, and a handle design that only speaks for itself! I’m looking forward to a long career with Ergo Chef.”

Rob VanVoorhis
Graduate of Culinary Institute of America
Owner of All Smoked Up Catering

The Ergo Chef Chef’s knife is one of the finest knives I have had the pleasure of using. It is comfortable and balanced and a joy to use in the kitchen. Its size and ability to hold an edge makes short work of whatever you task it with. I 100% satisfied and impressed with your product and put Ergo Chef on the same level as Henckel or Sabatier.

Alex Pate
Enfuego BBQ, Alabama

I have never used a more balanced and finely crafted piece of cutlery as this. For years, I have been using Henckels and now I am seriously considering replacing these with a block of Ergo chef knives. Excellent product, well made, and a pleasure to use.

Brad Saint
Enfuego BBQ Team, Alabama

How To Videos

How to make a Rose from a Tomato by Ergo Chef’s Chef Randy Smith: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA_ZsXOLyOw

Knife Sharpening with Ergo Chef’s Chef Randy Smith: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiukLi87vcw

Celebrity Chef Videos

GrillMaster Michael McDearman uses our Prodigy Knives: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIC7qGlirmc&feature=youtu.be

Chef Christina Cooks on Good Knives: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnukmRtBvms

The Today Show with Al Roker & Giada De Laurantiis
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